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Michael Canada Grow light LED

customer: Michael

From: Canada

Project:Grow light LED

Good development prospects of the industry is an important reason for Learnew, attracting various foreign customers to visit constantly 

On September 28, 2018, Michael, a customer from Canada, came to our company for a field visit. On behalf of the company, the company's business manager,Devin XU warmly welcomed the arrival of customers and arranged a meticulous reception. Accompanied by the principal leaders of each department, customers visited the sales department, production department, quality department and other departments of the company. The good performance of the equipment made Michael admire a lot. The company's leaders and relevant staff have given detailed answers to all kinds of questions raised by Michael.He was impressed by their rich professional knowledge and competence. After this on-site inspection,Michael said that they saw the company's overall strength, full of confidence in the future development of our company, and expressed the tendency of cooperation for Grow light series products.

As we all know,the Grow light series products are sold well all over the world.Learnew deeply study and cultivate in LED horticulture field,LED supplementary lighting is not enough,By years R&D and field testing,Learnew profound understanding LED can do more.Learnew grow LED series provide abundant spectrum for Plants’ photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis,LED’s Narrow & Accurate half-wave width design can provide most efficiency spectrum to plants.In different growth phase of plants,Learnew provide customized design as to get the most efficiency solution to get right spectrum and PPF to help compound Chlorophyll a,Chlorophyll b,Chlorophyll f and Carotenoids.If you want Seeding promote,strengthen roots,regulation the flowering,fruiting,variegation and improve taste,you can find different design in Learnew grow LED series.

This visit laid a good foundation for the cooperation between the two sides, hoping to achieve mutual win-win and common development in the future . At the same time, it also marks that LEARNEW is becoming more and more famous and influential in the industry.