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3535 265nm-285nm UVC LED Diode


Dear valued customers:

Thank you for moving forward with Learnew opto's products.

The purpose of this letter as to state the newest uvc LED package products(Technology improved) and it's part number from Learnew opto.

0.5W 4-6mw uvc LED: LN-SMD3535UVC-P0.5

0.5W 4-6mw uvc+uva LED: LN-SMD3535UAVC-P0.5

1.0W 10-15mw uvc LED: LN-SMD3535UVC-P1

1.0W 8-10mw uvc LED: LN-SMD3535UVC-P1D

3.0W 40-60mw uvc LED: LN-SMD3535UVC-P3


LN-SMD3535UVAC-P1-D is an old version on sale between the year of 2017-2018 and instead part number is LN-SMD3535UVC-P1, The information is updating on all of our promotion channels.


Ask for official datasheet to confirm the products, we look forward to working with you.