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Belgian customer UV LED CHIP

Client From:Belgium


Good brand reputation has attracted many powerful customers from abroad to visit Shenzhen Learnew Optoelectronics Technology Limited company.   

On August 20,2023,Belgium customers visited our company on behalf of company.Accompanied by Devin XU of the welcoming the warm visit of Belgium customers. 

The Belgium customers made a systematic visit to our production workshop and testing room  to watch LED production process and negotiate trade with the company.

During the visit, our company's production department technician introduces customers a range of detailed process and product introduction and gave professional answers to customers'questions. 

Subsequently, the two sides came to the conference room,the Belgium customers expressed their deep appreciation for the company's scale, strength, product quality and R&D technology, and expressed their strong desire to achieve long-term in-depth cooperation.

And Devin XU,the manager of the foreign trade department, expressing that the cooperation will gradually broaden its overseas market to bring customers the best products and services with its fine management, advanced technology and steady development.

 In addition, the two sides also discussed individual details.The Belgium customers expressed his desire for cooperation with the UV LED CHIP & UV curing system products.It was universally known that these two series were sold well inside and outside the country in Learnew.