Business type of Learnew Optoelectronics Technology
Stay focused on the business rather than company type of Shenzhen Learnew Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.. We are a company dedicated to the production and sales of 100w led chip . We are established for profit. In order to make gain, we have made every effort to carry out R&D and achieve quantity production. A copy of business license may be offered if you really care about this.

Learnew is committed to technology innovation and 100w led cob chip to seek sustainable development for flip chip led. The led cob chip is one of the main products of Learnew. Customers can choose different materials options for high power led chip, including high power cob led. The product is used for car, medicine, printer or horticulture field. Under the control of strict quality management system, the product is bound to be of a quality that conforms to the industry standard. The product emits high-quality illuminance and is free of dazzling.

Learnew is a well-known company that is committed to becoming one of the most competitive exporters in the 100w led cob chip market. Check now!
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