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Dimiter Singapore UV LED & Display module



Project:UV LED & Display module

In order to establish business relations and show the friendly demeanour of the company, Shenzhen Learnew Optoelectronics Technology Limited company have met a customer named Dimiter from Singapore on Oct 10,2018.

During the period of negotiation ,Learnew  representatives and customers talked in perfect harmony. In the beginning,Devin XU, The manager of foreign trade department ,asked some questions to customer to know the concrete information.For example,the position,the reason why  choose us and the purpose of purchasing.After knowing the basic information,then invited customers to the meeting room to talk about the products.First offering the sample album to customer to have a look at the product and to check whether the product is the customer ordered. And then mainly talking about some specific detailed information related to product. After that, showing the customer around the company’s production line to make customers know clearly about the production procedure.

The customer Dimiter said that he was interested in the product of UV  LED series through conversation,which manufacture is one of important business structure in Learnew.Since 2013,Learnew first time present “Inorganic encapsulation” in high power UVA package,Core technical is Learnew manage the most efficiency output and thermal resistance design.Even in 300-600W,Learnew  UV series give best performance in lifetime and continual stable output.The UV LED series includes  features:In organic encapsulation,Lowest thermal resistance design,High efficiency output,High optical intensity design.Narrow & single peak wavelength design and Pure color output.And in this series,learnew specialize in UVA & UVC.They apply for  different UV application,such as offset printer,exposure application,large-scale inkjet printer,3D printer,Printing & Curing application,Sterillization etc.Subsequently, the company's technical department conducted on-site demonstration of product production for customers.

The whole process lasted until 4:00 p.m. Finally, the customers fully affirmed the product quality and the strength of the company, and determined the long-term purchasing cooperation with LEARNEW.