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Explore the colorful world of five-color LED chips


patent “NCSP” technology, higher power better heat transfer

Better optical solution for stage light and photographic light

NCSP technology provide better match RGBWW 5 color in one,NCSP

”NCSP” provide powerful and reliability performance

Colorfulness: Explain that the five-color LED chip can provide a variety of colors of light, including red, green, blue, warm white and white, etc., providing a wider range of choices for lighting and display applications.

Energy saving and high efficiency: Explain the high energy efficiency characteristics of the five-color LED chip, which has the advantages of energy saving and long life, and can help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Dimming and control: The dimming and control functions of the five-color LED chip enable it to achieve brightness and color adjustment of the light to meet different scenes and needs.

Reliability and stability: The stability and reliability of the five-color LED chip can work stably under various environmental conditions and provide consistent light output.

Application areas: such as photography lights, stage lights, etc.

Package type: Common five-color LED chip package types, such as SMD package, COB p