Foreign customer come to Learnew Optoelectronics for field visits

On August 5, 2019, CAMI, an American customer who has been attracted by learnew optoelectronics company's led cob grow light series, visited and cooperated with the company.

CAMI says she loves the flip chip design of learnews led cob full spectrum grow lights, the DOB technology, and the mature phosphor technology.She added that learnew's multi spectrum features offer her more options.Product wavelength can be divided into the following several kinds:365nm,440nm,473nm,530nm,630nm,665nm,735nm,660nm,730nm,WW3000k,NW4000k,PW6000k,various spectrum are customizable,this product It has the characteristics of low thermal resistance, multi spectrum, high efficiency and PPF.Led cob grow lights are popular in both indoor and outdoor applications, often in supermarkets, farms, horticulture, plant growth laboratories, orchards and other applications.Learnew L image1

At the same time, the warm and friendly attitude of the company staff and the company environment made her leave a good memory. In the workshop, technicians conducted product tests for customers on the spot, and the foreign trade business manager introduced products to CAMI professionally.Finally, learnew's product quality and company strength were recognized by customers, and long-term purchasing relationship was established.

Learnew L image1
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