How about production technology for chip led cob 30w in Learnew Optoelectronics Technology?
Shenzhen Learnew Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. makes certain that manufacturing technology is at a top position in the chip led cob industry and supplies you with quality goods at affordable prices. Our investment in manufacturing technology growth occupies a huge proportion of earnings every year. Products based on manufacturing technology are certified.

With large production scale and cob chip on board led, Learnew takes the leading role in field of chip on board led. The 12v cob led is one of the main products of Learnew. A large number of test samples were made for high power led chip. The product has a tough and rigid surface to protect it from pressure. uv cob led is manufactured carefully based on high-quality materials. It is firm and durable with quality excellence. It is not easy to get dirty and yellow as well as to crack.

Learnew will continue to pay attention to business models and promote innovative spirit. Inquire now!
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