How many led cob chip are produced by Learnew per month?
The monthly capacity of Shenzhen Learnew Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. led cob chip varies from different seasons. During peak season, our products sell very well for its great performance and higher quality than other similar products. In the dull season, we have always been centering on optimizing technology and crafts to further expand the popularity.
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Learnew is now the China's top supplier of uv cob led. The led cob chip series has become a hot product of Learnew. This product features a fast and accurate reaction to the writing or drawing. Its high level of pressure sensitivity makes the lines flow smoother. It's free of lens or other components and greatly reduce optical loss. The product is far less likely to make production errors or sacrifice production quality for speed. It can bring the best results. It can produce a large number of lumens consuming less energy.
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We adopt technologies and practices which reduce negative impacts on the environment, ensuring a commitment to environmental protection during all stages of project development.

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