Is Learnewrgb cob led chip cheap?
Shenzhen Learnew Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. rgb cob led chip is not priced cheap yet priced reasonably. Its pricing is a result of our product managers' prudent consulting with marketing and sales team. The quotation always depends on materials cost, labor cost, transportation, profit margins, etc. We know that an over quote without competitive analysis can be fatal for any product, and an amazing quote on value-added products can bring a huge demand. So we always stick to smart pricing strategies to give maximum value and benefits to both customers and ourselves.
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Learnew is a professional provider of cost effective smd led chip products. The best led chip series has become a hot product of Learnew. Learnew cob chip on board led is strictly manufactured according to GB or IEC. Its contactor, rheostat, control relay, and other electronic components are handled based on relevant electric and safety standards. The thickness of the lines is determined by the writing pressure of this product. The greater the pressure, the more liquid crystals are twisted and the thicker the lines are. Its CRI can be effectively improved by changing the combination of chips.
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