May Learnew Optoelectronics Technology offer warehousing services?
You can ask the detailed information for Shenzhen Learnew Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. staff by email or phone call, who will give you a perfect solution. A warehouse is a place that is approved by the Treasury Department. These warehouses are used for storing led bulb chip under bond until duties are paid. It depends on the order required by the buyer, we will try our best to offer the best service for customers.

Learnew is well recognized in the cob led light industry for its outstanding advantages of led chip 20 watt. Learnew's led cob chip series contains multiple sub-products. The product has obtained plentiful related quality guarantee certifications and meets the quality standards of many countries. Due to its easy processing, it's convenient and profitable for the application vendors. Latest market trends, clients’ preferences and industry laid standards are also considered by us. Its transmittance of light is highly recognized.

Learnew is continuously upgrading the grade of support for clients. Inquire!
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