Quality assurance of uv led 385nm 395nm
Numbers of safeguards are built into the manufacturing process to ensure that Shenzhen Learnew Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. uv led 385nm 395nm reaching consumer meet the highest levels of quality and safety.  We incorporate the highest possible standards all along the supply chain – from raw materials, to manufacturing, packaging and distribution, to the point of consumption. Strict QMS helps us make sure that the products you enjoy are of the very best quality.

Manufacturing flip chip, Learnew has senior R&D team and veteran technicians as a strong support. The chip cob is one of the main products of Learnew. uv cob led's material is controlled to be just right. Its low thermal resistance highly increases its lifespan. Our focus is to offer our clients first-class, innovative and durable range of products. Its narrow and single peak wavelength provides the most efficiency spectrum.

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