Learnew's uvc led cob product is the best choice for sterilizing chips!

It is one of the hot-selling products of SHENZHEN LEARNEW OPTOELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD..

Learnew's uvc products are packaged in quartz glass, inorganic and nitrogen, with high radiant flux, narrow wavelength and low thermal resistance. They can destroy DNA in cells of microbial organisms (bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.) in a short time. Or the molecular structure of RNA, the cells can not be regenerated, and the bacterial virus loses its ability to self-replicate, and can be widely used in ICU hospitals, air purification, water purification, cleaning machines and other sterilization.(http://rg2h2q9l.allweyes.com/china-manufacturer-uvc-sterilization-cob-1w-3535-395-405nm-smd-led-chip-for-icu-hospital-and-washing-machines)

‘Based on technology, lean production, efficient management, customer-oriented' is the business philosophy of Learnew Optoelectronics. Learnew provides flip chip cob series, growth led cob series, ac dob series, car light cob, uv led cob series, high power led cob series, and flexible led cob series products. If you are interested in our products, please visit our homepage at https://www.learnew-led.com today!

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